Every family has got Christmas traditions, but these are another level.
The royal family like nothing better than a bit of tradition. They've got traditions for births, marriages, and everything in between. And that includes Christmas.Most families stick to their long-loved festive routines, and the royals are no different.
Scars are just another thing that make us unique.
Scars are a permanent reminder of an ailment or an accident, and for that reason, some people who have them have a negative perception of them. Often, people will go to lengths to cover up their scars, but why not embrace them?
Wait, does this look familiar to anyone else?
Stop everything you're doing and pop some bubbly, because Lady Gaga recently confirmed her engagement to Christian Carino and TBH I'm always looking for an excuse to drink champagne. The ~thing is~ that reports of Gaga's
Oh, the shame.
Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's youngest daughter just married Jack Brooksbank at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, and it's wonderful stuff!There's already been so much coverage of the second royal wedding of 2018 (we
Seriously, these are SO beautiful.
HELLO. Happy Saturday. The royal family just blessed this day with the official wedding portraits from Princess Eugenie's wedding, and let's just say they are SO GOOD."Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York and Mr. Jack Brooksbank
Will they name it Princess Rachel Zane?
Exciting news for everyone who loves royal children: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly trying to get pregnant.A source tells Us Weekly that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are "trying for a baby," and having lots of kids is
Calm down, guys.
Meghan Markle showed up to Princess Eugenie's October 12 wedding looking highly chic in a navy blue Givenchy dress and coat, which she wore buttoned at the top-creating a tent-like silhouette that hid her stomach. Annnnd, you can
It's Disney, but IRL.
Hello! Today is Princess Eugenie's wedding, and you better believe she looks like a god damn royal. So much so, in fact, that people are comparing her royal wedding aesthetic to that of a Disney princess.Here's a
It's highly complicated and dramatic.
Jack Brooksbank is going from professional tequila enthusiast to member of the royal family in just a few days (October 12, 2018! Mark your calendara!). So you're probably wondering whether he's going to get his own fancy-shmancy
They're getting married in the same venue, after all
Princess Eugenie is getting married in St. George's Chapel, the exact wedding venue of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle-and she even had to delay her announcement to let her cousin go first. So will her wedding feel like a
One of them is the daughter of a super famous musician.
Princess Eugenie is going to St. George's Chapel and she's gonna get married! The royal's hugely expensive wedding is going down on October 12, 2018, and-no matter what the BBC thinks-it's going
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