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Netflix released 11 images to choose from.
Raise your hands if you thought WFH meant having less work meetings to attend! Yup, we were all young and naive at one point. If anything, working online means people seem to think they can call you whenever, wherever. Now, there is
John had greeted me for my birthday for the first time in two years.
Fights with friends are inevitable. Sometimes, it's just a simple misunderstanding that you can let slide. But other times, it becomes a much bigger deal than you expected. And soon enough, you'll find yourself in the middle of an unspoken
Barking dogs? Check. Construction noise? Check.
In a perfect world, meetings are fast and efficient, covering ideas that are far too complicated for a simple email. But we don't live in a perfect world. With so many of us still working from home, online meetings-through
Sometimes, you just want to pretend your laptop's camera isn't working, right?
Your Internet is unstable. Your neighbor's dog won't stop barking. Your siblings decided it was the perfect time to have a fight. There are so many things to consider and too many complications that can arise when you&#
They decided to 'always choose love in any circumstance.'
Vianka Amurao and Coby Sarreal are both free-spirited, spontaneous, and adventurous, so it seemed ironic that the couple's greatest adventure yet would be forced to start indoors. Nevertheless, despite the COVID-19 pandemic putting a hamper on their supposed Sagada
'Sa dami namin two pages yung Zoom.'
Times have indeed changed when people make do with alternative celebrations. Entrepreneur and mom of two Divine Lee requested a personal prayer in place of having her daughter Blanca's baptism for the time being. The little girl received a blessing
Get some insider info from Javier Gómez Santander!
Here's more reason to binge-watch the fourth season of Netflix's La Casa de Papel-Money Heist to international audiences-if you haven't already! You can catch the show's lead writer and executive producer,
We still aren't over it!
Remember last night? You were probably idly scrolling through social media when someone suddenly sent you this link of a video. Yup, you clicked on it and noticed that it was Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto in the middle of a Zoom
He didn't know how to react!
During Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto's online forum with the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP) earlier today, something totally unexpected and hilarious happened. During the live Zoom call, the background photo of a naked man-which was super NSFW
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Working from home in the time of lockdown has forced many of us to do virtual meetings and conference calls through various apps like Teams, Zoom, and Skype. You have probably scouted locations at home for an ideal background for the live