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He talked about various projects, accomplishments, issues, and threw in more than a few misogynistic remarks!
In a span of one hour and 33 minutes, the President uttered five misogynistic comments.
Methanol is a toxic industrial alcohol and cannot be consumed like ethanol.
Can you imagine being in more than one relationship at once?
I sat naked for 15 minutes so that strangers could draw me; it was wonderful.
It's basically a heist movie set in a galaxy far, far away!
Safe spaces for when you need to talk about what happened to you.
Lara Croft isn't the hypersexualized video game character we all grew up with.
Power struggles. Kick*ss women. Beautiful costume design. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW.
Some think this is the best 'Star Wars' movie—it's easy to see why.
Finally, a DC movie where the heroes are having fun.