7 Beauty Trends Jisoo Of BLACKPINK Is Always Wearing

We're obsessed with her lewks.
PHOTO: instagram/sooyaaa__

When we think of BLACKPINK, our minds immediately go to Jennie or Lisa, but one member that also deserves our attention is Jisoo, one of the group's main singers. Other than her unique vocals, her sense of style is also worth raving about.

That said, we did the stalking for you and found all the beauty trends the 25-year-old idol is obsessed with:

  1. "Fresh lang" makeup looks

    We think Jisoo has *perfectly* nailed the "fresh lang" makeup look: Filled-in arches, subtle eyeliner, a soft wash of color on the lids, a slight tinge of pink blush on the cheeks, and a tinted balm on the pout. It's easy enough to recreate on your own!

  2. Long hair

    Ever since BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, Jisoo has always sported long locks—now that's commitment!

  3. Hair accessories

    Jisoo makes sure to spruce up her long locks with different hair accessories.

  4. Ever-changing hair colors

    It's hard to imagine Jisoo in anything other than her signature long, dark brown locks, but scrolling further down her Instagram profile reveals that she also had red and black hair!

  5. Straight brows

    Jisoo sports the famous Korean straight brows to complement her soft features. (Here's how you can do it using a ~toothpick~!)

  6. Glass skin

    We can't deny that Jisoo has incredibly glowing skin. We're so jealous of her complexion!

  7. Blotted lips

    Jisoo can rarely be seen with a fully opaque lip; she prefers a blotted application. To copy her look, use a mousse lipstick or tint and apply it on the center of your pout and blend it outwards using your finger. 

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