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Easy And Simple Manicure Ideas For Girls Who Love Pink

Basic but never boring.
Easy Pink Manicure Ideas
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Doing a perfect and flawless mani is an art, so we're almost always intimidated to pick up that bottle of polish and start painting. The good news is that there are nail art ideas you can easily DIY, and what better way to upgrade your digits than with shades of pink! Fuchsia, old rose, and blush hues look great on any skin tone and are suitable for any occasion. Scroll down for the prettiest rosy mani ideas!

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  1. Double Trouble

    Half-moon negative space won't make your regrowth look awkward. Plus, the combo of fuchsia and cherry red looks so good.

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  2. Heart of Gold

    Paint your nails baby pink and take a toothpick to create the tiny hearts. Dip the pointed end in gold glitter polish and make a "V" near the cuticles. Draw dots on each end to turn it into a heart.

  3. Pastel Play

    Simply choose various shades of pink polish and paint a different hue on each nail.

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  4. Neon Tips

    White tips are so early 2000s. Grab a neon pink polish and paint a thin strip by the free edge.

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  5. Color-blocking

    Skittles, but make it in shades of pink and red.

  6. Tone It Down

    Old rose and baby pink make a classy combo.

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  7. Holo Day

    This looks amazing once the light hits the tiny holo pigments of your polish!

  8. Subtle Pink

    Choose a nude-pink polish if you want a clean and simple mani.

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