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Elisse Joson Is Here To Remind Us That It's Okay To Have 'Bad Days'

Your feelings are valid.
Elisse Joson's empowering message
PHOTO: Instagram/elissejosonn

We're lucky we live in a time where we are encouraged to feel our feelings. That whatever our emotions are, whether negative or positive, is valid. We are entitled to them. One celeb who supports this idea is Elisse Joson.

Elisse posted a carousel photo of hers with makeup and styled hair, while the other features a makeup-free, pensive face. She wrote in the caption: "Days when we feel good about ourselves vs. Days when we feel the worst.. and it's ok to feel both."


And we totally agree. There's nothing wrong with feeling meh about fixing ourselves up. It's okay to let go of some beauty habits if we don't have headspace or energy to do so. It's important to not resist the tamad feeling. Acknowledge it. Allow your mind and body to process it.

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