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20 French Manicure Ideas That Are Anything But Basic

Definitely not your early '00s mani.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/dumbmanicure; (right) instagram/betina_goldstein

Lemme guess: The first things that come to mind when you hear the words "French manicure" are low-rise jeans, pink Juicy Couture sweatsuits, and super-sticky lip glosses. I feel you, considering French manicures were basically ~the~ nail trend of the early 2000s—and even though you probs never wanted to see those white tips again, it's time you start prepping for their big-ass comeback. Don't worry, it’s a totally new vibe this time around, 'cause the 2019 version of the French mani is waaay cooler than it’s ever been before—I’m talking color, glitter, and really fun shapes. Ahead, 20 modern French manicure ideas that’ll have you more than ready to hop back on the trend.

  1. This Yellow-Tipped French Manicure

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    Step away from the white tips and add a pop of color to your French manicure. I mean, how fun is this yellow polish?

  2. This Wavy French Manicure

    Who says you can’t take on a new shape with your updated French manicure? Instead of that played-out straight line, give your tips a wavy edge.

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  3. This Gold-Foil French Manicure

    Add a gilded touch to your French manicure by putting oval gold studs around the tips of your nails.

  4. This Colorful French Manicure

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    Feeling a more colorful vibe? Up the fun level of your French manicure by painting each nail a different color.

  5. This Angled French Manicure

    Give the tips of your French manicure an angled swoop—it’s so much cooler than a straight-across line.

  6. This Blue-and-Brown French Manicure

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    Pair two unexpected colors in your French manicure—like these deep teal and light brown polishes—for a super-unique look. Who would’ve thought?

  7. This Neon-Pink French Manicure

    Neon nail polish doesn’t have to be just a summer trend. Wear it year-round on the tips of your French manicure.

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  8. This Reverse French Manicure

    For a cute inverse French manicure, paint a half-moon shape at the bases of your nails instead of the tips.

  9. This Metallic French Manicure

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    Level up the cool factor of your French manicure by covering the tips with an edgy metallic polish.

  10. This Pastel French Manicure

    Keep your French manicure simple and sweet by painting cotton-candy pastel colors on your tips.

  11. This Red French Manicure

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    How dope is this vibrant red French manicure? I’m so into this look, from the sharp-angled tips to the gold pop at the base of each nail.

  12. This Nike-Inspired French Manicure

    In the words of Aubrey “Drake” Graham, “checks over stripes.” Show off your love of your favorite brand by adding its logo to your French manicure.

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  13. This Flame-Inspired French Manicure

    Give off some major heat with your French manicure and paint your tips the colors of a flame *insert fire emoji here*.

  14. This Glitter French Manicure

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    Let your French manicure sparkle with a nude base coat and glitter tips.

  15. This Half–and-Half French Manicure

    Go for a half-white, half-cinnamon-brown look for your French manicure. You color-block with your clothes, so why not do the same with your nails?

  16. This Minimalist French Manicure

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    Try a super-minimalist French manicure by combining a barely-there base coat with a tight black line at the tip of your nails.

  17. This Heart-Shaped French Manicure

    Bring out your inner child with this super-fun French manicure. Seriously, how cute is this look? Top off the design with gold studs.

  18. This Geometric French Manicure

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    Split your colorful French manicure into three shapes to give it a cool geometric vibe.

  19. This Sequin French Manicure

    Turn your French manicure into a disco ball by adding sequins on your tips. BTW, this is kinda the perfect look for a New Year's Eve party (just saying).

  20. This Pale-Peach French Manicure

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    I’m so into the soft fade of this peach French manicure. It’s a great design idea if you’re going for a more subtle nail vibe.


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