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The Best Hair Colors To Try If You Have Fair Skin

Planning to color your hair soon? Here are some ideas for you!
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Finding the right hair color for you can be very tricky, especially if it's your first time to do so. The options that salons offer can be very overwhelming because truthfully, some of the hair colors kind of look alike. When choosing your hair color, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is: "Will my new hair color be flattering against my skin tone?" If you have fair skin, we rounded up the best hair colors you can try the next time you get a dye job.

What are the best hair colors for fair skin?

If you have fair or porcelain skin, some suggested hair colors for you are: Jet black, light brown, blonde balayage, and chocolate brown. Check out the full list below.

Jet Black

Jet black hair can look amazing against mestiza skin. While most Filipinas are born with black hair, you can actually opt to enhance your dark mane with a deep black hair color like Heart Evangelista and Kylie Verzosa. The best part about this color is that it's extremely low-maintenance, and regrowth isn't as bad (i.e. visible!) as with lighter hair shades. It will also work for all hair types—from stick straight to kinky curls. You can also ride the metallic hair acessory trend, as gold and silver hair pins can easily dress up your 'do.

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Light Brown

Most girls opt to go for light brown for their first hair color attempt, and it's for a good reason—almost everyone looks good with this hue. If you want to lighten your locks but are scared to get your hair bleached, ask your hair colorist for a flattering light brown hue for your fair skin. Most stylists will mix several brown shades to make sure it won't turn out brassy, aka an unflattering orange hue.

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Blonde Balayage

Ever wondered how a lot of celebs seem to have perfectly colored hair with dimensions, as they were hand-painted? That's probably because it was. Balayage is a modern hair coloring technique which means "to paint" on the locks. This technique requires professional hands to color your hair in such a way that will leave it looking "naturally- sun-kissed." It usually involves bleach and several tones of colors, that will complement your skin. Prepare to spend a long time in the salon and to shell out a hefty amount—from P7,000 and up.

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A few years ago, ombré hair was all the rage. The softer, more modern take on the hair color is called sombré, where the hair transitions from dark roots to slightly lighter roots. Take for example, Ria Atayde's dark brown roots that gently fade into golden walnut ends. This particular color looks even more beautiful when your locks are blown out or curled.

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Chocolate Brown

Bored with your current hair situation? Try doing a DIY hair color with a chocolate brown hue. This particular shade with add a little bit of warmth to your fair complexion and soften your features. If you have a rounder face, this hair color can also make your face appear slimmer. Plus, this shade can bring out any Filipina's dark brown eyes!

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Dark Brown With Caramel Highlights

Adding beautiful caramel highlights to your dark brown locks is a beautiful way to refresh your hair color. The caramel-colored highlights will attract light to hit your hair, giving it instant dimension—like you spent hours under the sun at the beach. Go for a dark base hair color to bring out your fair skin.

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Golden Light Brown

If you're dying to get light blonde hair but you're not ready for commitment, coloring your hair with a golden light brown shade is a good way to test if the hue will match your fair skin. If you decide to get this color, you'll have a lot of fun trying out different hairstyles like braids and curls, because they'll look even better.

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Ash Brown

This cool-toned brown color is a popular choice among fair-skinned ladies. Take a cue from Sue Ramirez and request for dark roots and lighter ends. Also check out how Sue added more character to her locks by attaching strands of silver hair glitter. This hair color will look good on any hair length—from cropped to long, luscious waves.

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Dark Copper

Lean towards copper hair colors that will bring out your fair skin's radiance but at the same time, warm it up just a bit. Ask your colorist to add other tones of browns to give your dark copper hair some dimension. Pro tip: Bring a photo of your preferred hair color to the salon and then work with your stylist on how you can achieve it.

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Platinum Blonde

If you're one to take risks with your hair colors, then platinum blonde is one shade you should try at least once. Stark platinum blonde hair will instantly give you character, and you'll definitely have to make changes to your wardrobe and makeup choices. With a hair color this light, you'll want to keep your brows darker to make sure that your features don't drown.

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Champagne Blonde

Champagne blonde includes light tones of yellow, gold, and orange, which look good against fair skin. You can consider asking for darker roots if you don't want to a full head of blonde har—it will look good either way!


Experts say that blue is the hardest hair color to achieve because of the pigments involved. If your dream hair color is blue, try going for teal. This particular shade of blue will not only make you stand out, but it will also make sure that you won't look too washed out.

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Mocha Blonde

This pretty blonde shade involves several tones of blonde to achieve the "dirty" and "lived-in" look for your locks. Mestizas can totally go for this shade of blonde because it's warm-toned, and doesn't make their features fall flat.

Pastel Pink

Get in on the pastel hair trend by opting for warmer pastels like pink. See how Lucy Hale's hair colorist didn't give her a full head of pastel pink hair and instead left most of her crown brown for the color to look more natural. Pastel pink is a sure win for pale girls and a cool-girl hair color, too. 

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Also see how Arci Munoz left her roots black: 

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Caramel Brown

Another hair color option: caramel brown balayage. Ask your stylist to create this modern look on your hair, and you'll be surprised how the gradient can contour your face and make it appear a little slimmer! 

Which hair color are ypu planning to try? Comment below with your pick! You can also join us on our Cosmo Beauty Group for an exclusive CG beauty chat.

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