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A Tribute To BLACKPINK Lisa's *Iconic* Bangs And All Her Best Hairstyles

Every time she shows up, she glows up.
BLACKPINK's Lisa's iconic bangs
PHOTO: Instagram/lalalalisa_m

BLACKPINK has been killing it with their newest collaborations with Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez, and their comeback song, “How You Like That”. They have also recently graced a number of magazine covers and became product endorsers, a true sign of the K-Pop girl group’s immense popularity.

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Today, we're putting the spotlight on one member an her truly iconic bangs: Lisa! During their 2019 Coachella performancefans noticed how her fringe doesn’t seem to *move*, no matter how intense her dancing or rapping gets. Hilarious theories like "It’s definitely glued to her forehead" were made. People started making comparisons like: “Lisa’s hair is stronger than my past relationship." Haha!

Here, 10 photos of BLACKPINK’s main dancer and maknae and her best hairstyles!

1. Let’s start with this number, where Lisa put the pink in BLACKPINK:

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2. Look at her, look at her, look at her now in red:

3. Black-haired Lisa looks forever young (and might cause a revolution)

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4. You’re gon’ like these blonde highlights which give her fierce look a hint of sweetness (aside from that ice cream)

5. Here she comes kickin’ the door with a high ponytail that totally sets high standards, tbh.

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6. Lisa looks so good and so sweet with a cute hair clip!

7. Ever her messy bun looks chic

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8. She looks uh-mazing with curly brown hair:

9. Count on Lisa to look cute and stylish in space buns:

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10. Capping this off with: Blonde Lalisa Manoban, who will always be supreme:

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