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I Got My Brows ~Laminated~ To Get Fuller Kilay, And OMG, I'm Never Looking Back

It's totally worth it, y'all.
browhaus brow lamination experience
PHOTO: Courtesy of Cheska Santiago

Here's the thing: I love my brows. I'm fortunate enough to have been blessed with a lot of hair on my arches that look thick and full whenever I do my usual kilay routine. One problem that I have, though, is that my hairs tend to droop down throughout the day—even with copious amounts of brow gel applied to them—and expose my sparse areas which annoys me to no end.

Of course, I have heard about services like microblading which can give you fuller and darker brows for 12 to 18 months. However, since it involves needles, I'm not too keen on trying it. After much research, I stumbled upon brow lamination, a treatment that can make your kilay look thicker and bushier for two to four weeks. It's non-invasive, too, which is a huge part of its appeal.


When I got the chance to try it out at Browhaus—the first and only salon in the country to offer this service—I was more than game! Read on for my brow lamination experience:

Brow Lamination Review

The Cost

If you're interested in getting your brows ~laminated~ at Browhaus, be prepared to shell out P5,800.

The Process

When I got there, I was seated in the chair and the three-step process was explained to me as the technician was fixing up my brows. First, a cream was applied to soften my hairs to allow them to be brushed in my desired shape. Next, a neutralizing cream was smeared all over my brows to set them in place. After that, they were moisturized and styled even further. Finally, an undercoat was brushed through my brows as a post-treatment nourishing step. That's it! The entire treatment takes a little over an hour and is completely non-invasive.

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The End Result

The treatment was done in a little over an hour, something I didn't even notice since it was pain-free and I was just reading an e-book the whole time. When the technician handed me a mirror to check the end result, I was amazed. What once were droopy brows became thicker and fuller—even without filling them in! That's one less step in my everyday makeup routine.

Before brow lamination
This was my brows before getting them laminated. Though full of hair, they always droop down throughout the day. I also have sparse areas on the top and bottom parts. Courtesy of Cheska Santiago
Right after brow lamination
This was right after I finished the brow lamination treatment. My brows look so thick and I didn't even fill them in! Courtesy of Cheska Santiago
Two weeks after brow lamination
This was taken almost two weeks after the treatment. They still look effortlessly full with minimal product needed. Courtesy of Cheska Santiago

Watch the TikTok video below for a TL;DR version of my brow lamination experience:


Finally tried getting a ##browlamination ? It was a very easy and pain-free experience, and I love it!! ##fyp ##foryoupage ##brows ##eyebrows

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