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These Are The Products You Need To Take Care Of Colored Hair

Purple shampoo is important.
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So... you bit the bullet and *finally* got your hair colored. Hurray! Now comes the hard part—taking care of it and maintaining its vibrant hue. How you treat your strands plays a big role in its longevity and health. Ahead, we've listed down the products you need in your stash if you've just had a ~major~ dye job.

  1. Purple shampoo

    If you have bleached blonde hair, using a purple shampoo is important! It won't turn your tresses lavender (although that would be nice), but it will help in maintaining its icy hue and avoiding brassiness.

    Beach Born Classy Not Brassy, P495, Beach Born


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  2. Hair mask

    To get your hair to its vibrant color, it had to be bleached once or maybe even several times. This process can be really drying on the strands, so treat your locks with a hair mask every week to keep them soft and in tip-top shape.

    Luxe Organix Premium Virgin Coconut Oil Hair Mask, P69, Watsons


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  3. Sulfate-free conditioner

    Now that you've got colored hair, you need to be more label-conscious. Stay away from sulfate, a chemical compound that causes the dye to fade quickly. Always read your shampoo's and conditioner's ingredient list to see if they are sulfate-free.

    L'Oreal Ever Pure Moisture Conditioner, P350, Watsons


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  4. Hair color cream

    To keep your cool new dye from fading quickly, mix some semi-permanent hair color cream with your shampoo and massage it through your locks while in the shower.

    Manic Panic
    Hair Color, P800, BeautyMNL


  5. Dry shampoo

    Washing your hair often can cause your dye job to fade quickly. Prolong the days between washes with dry shampoo. 

     No Drought Dry Shampoo, P995,


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  6. Hair serum

    To keep your hair from getting frizzy or brittle, massage serum on your locks post-shower.

    Mise En Scene Perfect Serum, P650, BeautyMNL


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