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Things Only Pinays With Colored Hair Will Understand

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Coloring your hair in a different hue is a fun way to change up your look. Plus, it's not permanent, so you can dye it to a new shade every few months or so!

Dye jobs, however, aren't without hurdles. We asked the girls over at Cosmo Mixers (our cool Facebook group which you should *totally* join) to share their very real and totes relatable struggles when it comes to coloring their hair. Keep scrolling to read their answers:

Once you get your hair colored, chances are, you’re going to do it again. And again.

  • “I'm always itching to color it again when I see the roots starting to grow. Hahaha!" – Sabrina
  • “It is addicting! Just when you 'promised' your hair na you'll let the natural color grow, you'll find yourself looking at new hair color pegs. LOL!” – Anzenne
  • “Once you start coloring or bleaching your hair, you will never go back because you'll want to color it over and over again. Black hair what? We don't know her. We only know colored hair.”  – Kyle

Heads up, the dye goes everywhere.

  • "I used to have blue hair over the summer. Every time I shower, my hair bleeds blue on our bathroom floor." – Chrissianne
  • "What were once white pillows... are now stained purple." – Audrey

The struggles of bleaching are too real.

  • "Sobrang sakit sa anit ng pagpapa-bleach! Pero worth it naman because you get to have a cool + unique hair color. Beauty is pain talaga, LOL! And then, the ~rush~ is so exciting. You'll end up getting addicted to coloring your hair, hahaha! I'm so guilty!" –Cheska
  • "Conditioner and hair masks will be your new best friends after bleaching. I had no idea how bad bleaching was for the hair until I tried it. My hair became super dry! I had to use conditioner daily to keep my hair manageable and soft enough so it won't feel like a walis." – Denise
  • "They say your hair will feel like a rubber band or 'gummy' when it's over-bleached—and you'll be shocked to find out that it's true." - Timmy

Medyo masakit nga lang sa bulsa…

  • “One word: Expensive!” –Jennifer
  • "Super high maintenance and expensive. I used to spend P2,000 to P3,000 a month for these: Purple shampoo, sulfate-free everyday shampoo/conditoner, hair mask, leave-in oils, and serums." – Kring
  • "It is really addicting and expensive, hahaha! But it's worth it when you see the end result. But, your hair will also be prone to hair fall and breakage." –Jeanne

But of course, nothing can compare to knowing that you look and feel good!

  • "I always look at my hair because it's so cute. It’s pink now!" – Koy
  • "You get kilig when strangers compliment you about your hair color, and it’s always extra special if it comes from a lola who you don’t even know. It just makes my day!" –RA

*Answers have been edited for clarity.

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