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Guys Reveal: Do They Really Prefer Long Hair Over A Short 'Do On You?

Hesitating on chopping your locks off? Find out if Pinoy men really like your hair long.

TriNoma-Jen_1.jpgWe've always had this notion that men find it more attractive when a woman has long hair. Maybe because it’s more traditional and feminine to some, or it’s a sign of good health to others, hence more attractive in the eyes of men. But these days, more and more women are experimenting with hairstyles, trying out short bobs, edgy androgynous trims, pixie cuts, and even shaved and slipped ‘dos.

Is it possible that these shorter hair trends are dampening your attractiveness to men? Could your short do be taking ganda points off you? To get to the bottom of this, Cosmo asked Pinoy men what they really think about short hair. Read their views before you completely ditch your plan to chop off your locks or dash to the nearest salon to get hair extensions.

Short Is Attractive

I like girls with short curly hair. Basta neat tingnan and kaya niyang dalhin. The reason? Mas cute sila. Haha.
– Mark, Technical Operations Officer

Short hair is attractive. It says something about their personality. Spunky, energetic, always on the go with little time for vanity.
– Denis, Media Practitioner

I like it when they’re a bit boyish. It shows they can adjust to any environment (i.e. different kinds of people and places).
– Lito, Community Worker

I like short hair on girls only if they’re also rocker chicks to boot, haha! It has more personality!
– Chan, 25, Teacher

I prefer short/mid-length hair, but not too short a la boys’ cut na. Short appears neater kasi.
– Edj, 27

I like it short, because almost everyone else has long hair, haha.
– Carlo, 27

Not necessarily less attractive but it’s sexy in a way because she looks and feels like a strong and confident woman despite having an unconventional haircut.
- Mark, Businessman

No, [short is] not [less attractive] because people have their own unique style.
– Xian Lim, Actor

Short straight hair = Victoria Beckham and Linda Evangelista. It accentuates a woman’s face shape and neck, providing a mysterious glam look. Short curly hair is less attractive on the other hand.
– Francis, Freelance Video Editor

It depends on the face and body of the person kung bagay but generally, I prefer short hair as it gives the impression of a girl that is not too fussy.
– Birdie, Marketing Manager

[Short hair is] attractive because if the face is beautiful, why hide it with distracting long hair? Short hair reveals the whole face better.
– Jesse, Photographer

Short hair rocks! There’s something about seeing the face and the neck without hair getting in the way.
– Mars, DJ

Short hair brings out the features of the face more clearly.
– Miggy, Finance Manager

A girl with short hair has the confidence to carry it.
– Kevin, Relationship Manager


Better Longer

I prefer long hair. It looks more feminine to me. But I can appreciate a spunky short 'do, too.
– Roy, 32

I like longer hair because it looks more feminine.
– Bong, Online Writer

I like girls with long hair because they look gorgeous. With that I can show my affectionate side by caressing it. It also feels good when my girl’s long hair touches my skin.
– Jay, Senior Marketing Associate

On the average, I find girls with long hair to be sexier.
– Rob, 27, Lawyer

It’s still long hair for me. Girls with long locks look more feminine.
– Mike, 26, IT Practitioner

For me, long hair adds sex appeal to a girl. But a girl with short hair can look angelic or divine.
– Doc Marlon, Photographer

Personally, I like women with long hair. 'More glamorous I guess but it takes a strong woman to carry short hair. So I guess I’d be attracted to that.
– Dix, Photographer

Iba kasi 'pag long hair, mas girly ang dating plus she can do a lot of stuff to fix her hair. Ang short hair may binabagayan.
– Patrick, Project Manager

I hate short hair. Mukhang suplada.
– Arvi, Businessman

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Deadma or Depende

It depends kung bagay sa face niya ‘yung short hair.
– Chaps, 28, Video Production Supervisor

It does not matter—short, long, okay lang.
– Nat, Art Director

I consider hair—the crowning glory—part of the total package. Be it short or long, what’s important is it compliments the girl perfectly. But definitely no dandruff please. Hehe.
– Jojo, 28, Network PR Manager
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