This Tutorial Will Change The Way You Curl Your Hair

You'll never reach for a curling iron again.
PHOTO: Youtube/Jessica Vu

Beach waves are indeed pretty, but doing this hairstyle by yourself can be *too much*. If you're not accustomed to curling your own hair, working with a curling iron can be an arm workout. Plus, excessive use of hot tools can damage your strands.

Thankfully, Jessica Vu is here to save the day! She shared a super-easy tutorial that doesn't require heat but yields amazing results. She even revealed that she hasn't touched her curling iron for weeks after learning this technique. It only calls for a rope belt (or any thin long cloth strip like a skinny scarf or tights) and hairspray.

She started by parting her locks in the middle. Then, she took an inch section of hair and wrapped it around the rope belt, carefully gathering some strands until she reached the tips. She secured each end with a hair tie and sleeps on it. The next day, Jessica unraveled the beautiful soft waves! She simply spritzed on hairspray to lock in the style.

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Pretty easy, right? Check out the full video below to see how she successfully did it!

How To: Overnight Heatless Waves

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