C'mon, Guys, It's 2020—It's Time To Embrace Baby Hairs

And here's how you can do it in style.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/jellyeugenio, (RIGHT) YouTube/Twaydabae

Baby hairs were thought of as something that makes one look unruly. Well, it's 2020, and we want to debunk this myth.  We're here to convince you that flaunting those tiny strands near your hairline is IN. You can style them in many ways, and we guarantee you that you will look great! Still hesitant? Check out these looks:

Barbie Imperial's high bun looks softer because of her baby hairs.

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Baifern's pigtails don't look so kiddie anymore, thanks to her styled edges.

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Make a typical high ponytail look modern with some baby hair.

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Nadine Lustre is out here embracing her baby hairs, and she looks BOMB!

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Convinced? Read on to learn the easiest ways to style baby hairs.


You must be creative and a bit patient when it comes to styling your edges. Here are just some you can try:

How to style baby hairs: With gel

Take a toothbrush and rat-tail comb—these tools can help you style your edges with ease. Applying a strong-hold hair gel will control the baby hairs' movement and help you create swirly patterns a la Nadine.

How to style baby hairs

How to style baby hairs: A DIY haircut

One way to get those edges to behave as you want them to is by cutting them. This tutorial shows how you can properly shape them. Bonus: You can camouflage a wide forehead with this technique!

How To Cut Baby Hairs

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