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Wow! This P365 Dye Remover Faded My Pink Hair Color With *Minimal* Effort

Back to my level 10 blonde base!
hybrid colours dye remover review
PHOTO: Courtesy of Cheska Santiago

Hello there! ICYDK, one of my key identifiers is my signature pink hair in varying shades. I first got my strands dyed reddish-pink back in early 2018, and it was love at first sight. I felt more like myself, it suited my skin tone, and I was also easier to spot in crowded places—shoutout to all my fellow smol girls out there—thanks to my vibrant locks. Sure, I have dyed my hair in other hues since then, but my default has always been pink.

My pink hair is a combination of Lunar Tides' Fuchsia Pink + Lychee Pink. Courtesy of Cheska Santiago
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If you're a hair coloring newbie, I'm here to tell you that colors in the red family—such as pinks and violets—are one of the hardest to fade and remove. It's the reason why I have a love-hate relationship with pink locks: It means I don't have to refresh my hue often, but I also have to work harder to remove it if I want to try a new color.

Recently, I've been trying to find ways to remove my current fuchsia hair color without bleaching it, and luckily, I found an alternative method that works for me. Introducing: Hybrid Colours Dye Remover. Read on to know more about this product:

Courtesy of Cheska Santiago
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Hybrid Colours Dye Remover Review

What is the Hybrid Colours Dye Remover?

The Hybrid Colours Dye Remover is a two-piece set that consists of a cream and activator that aims to fade your current hue and bring it back to the blonde base you had pre-coloring.

How much is the Hybrid Colours Dye Remover and where can I buy it?

The Hybrid Colours Dye Remover set costs P365. You can purchase it on Hybrid Colours' official Shopee page.

How do I use the Hybrid Colours Dye Remover?

The set itself doesn't come with instructions, but after a bit of poking around on YouTube, I figured out what I had to do.

First, I mixed the cream and activator on a plastic bowl using a plastic spoon until I got a thick consistency. I started applying it in my carefully sectioned hair, making sure that I really got each strand coated with the mixture. I was expecting to wait for at least 15 minutes before anything happened, but I was surprised to see the parts I applied the remover first already began to lighten. I decided to leave it on for 10 minutes since I didn't want to damage my hair.

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After that, I rinsed it off using cold water. Next, I applied Olaplex No 3 all over my damp hair and left it on for 15 minutes. Then, I proceeded with my normal sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner routine. Once I was done and let my strands air-dry for a bit, I was shocked to see that my hair had turned *bright blonde*—a far cry from my old fuchsia locks!

This is what my hair looks like after air drying it. Courtesy of Cheska Santiago
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Does the Hybrid Colours Dye Remover work on any kind of hair dye?

The Hybrid Colours Dye Remover only works on direct dyes, aka semi-permanent hair colors. Don't use it on strands colored by box dye or silicone-based dyes.

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