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Lovi Poe's Long, Wispy Bangs Are Perfect For Girls Who Have No Time To Fix Their Hair

They are also low-maintenance!
PHOTO: Instagram/lovipoe

Lovi Poe got bangs in January, and we think she got the *perfect* fringe for girls who can't be bothered to fix their hair every day. She's now sporting long, wispy bangs that have incredible style versatility. Allow me to show proof:

Here's how her wispy fringe looks in full action:

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When parted in the middle, her brow grazing bangs soften her sharp features.

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Here, her fringe transformed to curtain bangs when brushed away to the sides.

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Her wispy fringe appears like choppy bangs here. Amazing!

Just like magic, her fringe seems to resemble K-style bangs!

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Another thing to love about her brow grazing wispy fringe is that it's low-maintenance. It doesn't need trims often. You can just allow it to grow longer, and it still looks good. Unlike some styles that require a lot of effort to appear put-together (calling you out, full bangs), this cut is gorgeous even when air-dried.

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