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These Celebs Are *Seriously* Convincing Us To Try Middle Part Hairstyles

Time for a new look.
Best middle part hairstyles
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/paulnebreshair, Instagram/thatsbellayt

Have you heard of the news that is circulating on TikTok? Some Gen Z people say that middle parts are better than side-parted hair. As a millennial who grew up and ~witnessed~ the emo phase of everyone on Tumblr, I was stunned. 

"My time" was the era of extreme side parts! Like the one where you're supposed to hide half your face to support your emo branding. I didn't get to try that trend because I felt it wasn't flattering for my round face shape. I do have memories and photos of friends who sported deep side-parts! I guess it's just normal for a generation to do the opposite of what a previous generation has done. 

Anyway, this story isn't about which hair part is better. I believe that it still boils down to personal preference. And if you're thinking of switching up your side part for a center-part, here are just some celebs that will inspire you to do so.

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10 Ways To Style Middle Part Hair, As Seen On Celebs

  1. AC Bonifacio

    Try a half-ponytail to show off your earrings.

    middle part hair: AC Bonifacio
  2. Sarah Lahbati

    A blonde bob, curtain bangs, and a middle part? This hairstyle spells cool and sexy!

    middle part hair: Sarah Lahbati
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  3. Bella Racelis

    Emphasize golden highlights by adding undone waves to your hair and parting it in the middle.

    middle part hair: Bella Racelis
  4. Miles Ocampo

    Make a ponytail look more polished with a center part.

    middle part hair: Miles Ocampo
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  5. Mari Jasmine

    A lob with beachy waves and a middle part will always look cool!

    middle part hair: Mari Jasmine
  6. Elisse Joson

    Lift the roots in front to give your hair a volume boost.

    middle part hair: Elisse Joson
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  7. Julia Barretto

    Big, soft waves will always be a classic hairstyle.

    middle part hair: Julia Barretto
  8. Toni Sia

    An uneven middle part adds coolness to your look.

    middle part hair: Toni Sia
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  9. Heart Evangelista

    Achieve this look by braiding damp hair and leaving it on overnight. You'll reveal undone waves the next day!

    middle part hair: Heart Evangelista
  10. Nadine Lustre

    A center part looks so good with super long hair.

    middle part hair: Nadine Lustre
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