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20 ~*Super Pretty*~ Lob Hairstyles You'll Want To Try In 2021

Need this hairstyle ASAP.
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Unless you've been living under a rock, you're aware that the lob (aka a "long bob") is a timeless haircut that looks good on everyone. It first became popular in 2014, and it remains to be in the list of haircut pegs of many women since. What was once perceived as an "alanganin" hair length is now considered an It hairstyle.

A lob can fall right above the shoulders or on the collarbones. Either way, this haircut grazes the neck, creating a face-slimming effect. A lot of variations were made since 2014, and these are just some you might want to try for 2021.

20 Pretty Lob Hairstyles To Try In 2021

  1. Touch of lilac blonde lob

    Do away with the usual blonde hue and ask for a shade with a hint of lilac.

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  2. Wavy lob with curtain bangs

    Make hair bends look 2021 with the hottest fringe of the moment, curtain bangs.

  3. Textured waves with bangs

    Ask your stylist to bring out your naturally kulot hair with subtle layers. To get this beachy texture, spritz sea salt spray on your damp locks and dry with a diffuser. If you don't own a hair diffuser, air-drying your curls in an air-conditioned environment is fine, too!

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  4. Ombré lob

    Ombré hair color is perfect for those who want to ease into getting blonde hair. The bleach is only applied to the ends, so it won't damage the tresses and sting on the scalp.

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  5. Airy lob with side-swept bangs

    We're in love with how this K-style lob looks so soft and bouncy. We found a tutorial that teaches how you can nail this look yourself.

  6. Caramel blonde lob

    A blunt lob will look 2021 by having your hair dyed in a warm brown base plus bronde or caramel blonde highlights.

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  7. Deep side part lob

    The best thing about the lob is that you don't really have to exert much effort to style it. A deep side part is all you need to look great.

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  8. Salon blowout lob

    The voluminous lob is a classic 'do that looks good on every face shape.

  9. Undone waves with full bangs

    Score undone waves without heat-styling by braiding small sections of damp hair. Spritz each plait with hairspray and leave the braids to set for a few hours. Unravel the cool-girl hair bends and take a lot of selfies. You must admire your hard work!

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  10. Deep Side Part Lob with a hair clip

    This one's pretty easy to do: Create a side part and place a hair clip right above one ear. That's all!

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  11. Classic lob with face-framing layers

    A lob haircut with subtle layers in front slim down a round face and soften a strong jawline.

  12. Ash-blonde lob

    It's 2020! Maybe this is the *right* time that you finally go blonde

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  13. Lob with side-swept bangs

    We're seriously loving Selena Gomez's side-swept bangs! ICYDK, a side fringe is flattering on round face shapes. Partner it with a slimming hair length like a lob and you've got one bomb combo.

  14. Ringlets with shadow roots

    This is solid proof that the lob works well with every hair type. To bring out your curls, follow the CGM method and look for a stylist who knows how to work with curly hair. 

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  15. Wavy voluminous lob

    You can never go wrong with big, wavy hair. Go ahead and grab a curling iron and follow any of these tutorials to recreate this look.

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  16. Lob with sun-kissed highlights

    Summer isn't the only time to get highlights! Randomly placed blonde strands are subtle and office-appropriate.

  17. Blunt lob with messy waves

    Great news! You can do this It-girl hairstyle by yourself with the help of a straightener or a curling iron.

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  18. Sandy blonde lob with textured layers

    Two things to love about this lob haircut: 1) Subtle layers make it easier to style. 2) Chocolate brown lowlights and sandy blonde highlights add dimension and texture—making your locks look extra gorgeous!

  19. Natural curly lob

    Flip all of your curls to one side for instant volume. You read that right! No need for fancy hair tools and products.

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  20. Lived-in lob

    This effortless 'do is our next haircut. We already saved this picture on our phones to show our stylists. 

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