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This *Reusable* Film Camera Comes In The Cutest Colors, And It Costs Under P1,200

For that authentic overexposed + grainy effect!

With the arrival of our smartphones, we are able to take pictures, see what they look like, and upload them online instantaneously for all the world to see. There is, however, a certain charm that comes with snapping photos using an actual point-and-shoot film camera.

Aside from scoring that ~authentic~, overexposed, grainy effect that we can only try to replicate using certain apps, using a film camera also encourages us to just have fun with it! Since we can't see the photos until they're developed, it lessens the chances of overthinking the shots.

The only problem is, throughout the years, the prices of vintage film cameras have been bumped up. They now range from P2,500 to almost P10,000 for certain models. While disposable cameras are certainly a good option, they aren't environmentally friendly since they're tossed out after the film roll is used up. But, we have some good news for you: We found a *reusable* film camera that costs less than P1,200! Introducing: the Kodak M35.

The Kodak M35 Film Camera - A Reusable Film Camera at sub a P1,000.00 price

Kodak M35 film camera: Features

The Kodak M35 film camera has fixed focus lens, manual film winding, and a button for the flash option. It only uses one AAA battery. Unlike its disposable counterpart, you can simply load another 35mm film roll inside once you've used up the current one!

Another thing we love about this camera? It comes in the *cutest* colors like yellow, mint green, and purple!

The Kodak M35 Film Camera in Yellow
The Kodak M35 Film Camera in Pink
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The Kodak M35 Film Camera in Mint Green

Kodak M35 film camera: Price and where to buy

Interested? You can purchase the Kodak M35 reusable film camera in the Shopee store for only P1,130 (without film roll) or P1,520 (includes one film roll).

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