The Best Selfie Tricks We Learned From Kelsey Merritt

Learn a thing or two from the Victoria's Secret model.
PHOTO: Instagram/kelseymerritt

The problem with taking selfies is that you have to do everything by yourself—look for the best lighting, fix your makeup, and find your best angle. To make things easier, we ~inspected~ Kelsey Merritt's Instragram feed to see how she does it. The Victoria's Secret model is a pro after all! Check out her best poses below:

A play of light and shadows on your face creates a moody selfie.

The car is one of the best spots to take a selfie. Don't forget the sexy pout, okay?

Tilt your phone for the most flattering angle.

Whether you're under the sun or shade, here's a proper way to take a beach selfie.

Who cares if you just got out of the shower? Messy hair is sexy, and you're looking fresh as a daisy!

The hand-to-hair pose always works, and there are many variations of it!

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If all else fails, just do the peace sign and flash your biggest smile.

For Kelsey, it's really all about mastering the pout.

When you're posing in front of a full-length mirror, lengthen your body by bending your torso on one side, and stepping the opposite leg forward.

Crossing your legs makes your silhouette longer, too!

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