What's Inside The Kikay Kits Of Pinay Ad And PR Agency Employees?

Take a look at their makeup bag must-haves here!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Paula Abjelina, (RIGHT) Cathy de Asis

Pinays who work in public relations and advertising love a fast-paced life. Their jobs require them to be on-call and appear presentable all the time. Which is why we think that their kikay kits can tell us the best essentials to use if we want to look fresh at work.

We raided the makeup bags of Pinays who work in ahensyas—check out their kikay kit must-haves below:

  1. This one has both work and post-sweat sesh essentials

    "As someone who only goes to the office a few times a week, I like to keep my makeup kit simple because I workout after—I don't like wearing anything heavy that could clog my pores! Tinted sunscreen, cream blush and bronzer, concealer, hydrating cream/balm, brow pencil + brow mascara, and nude lipstick are my staples because they make me look put-together without looking like I put in too much effort. On special occasions, there will be mascara and eyeliner in here but for regular days, these are the only products I use." - Tisha Caedo

    Courtesy of Tisha Caedo
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  2. A kikay kit curated to create impact

    "My work entails talking to clients almost all day long, and it's important for me to come in my favorite form of armor: Lipstick. I have three in constant rotation: Chanel in Rouge Coco Flash (a translucent pink), Happy Skin Lip Mallow in Island Girl (for days when I feel like mimicking a summer tan) and my new favorite MAC Lipglass by Mainedcm (a dark red). I prefer light cheeks (or none at all) so the mini Nars Orgasm blush is a favorite. I'm a light to no coverage girl (and I apply my foundation at home), so the only thing I really keep in my kikay kit for skin is Benefit the Porefessional in Hydrate. I also never forget my lip balm!" - Paula Abjelina Dela Cuesta

    Courtesy of Paula Abjelina
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  3. Only the fresh-faced morena must-haves

    "I like to keep it simple, fresh and natural so my everyday essentials revolve around multi-use products. I'm a proud morena, so the shades I bring around help me get that flushed-cheek look, luscious lips, and sometimes, sultry eyes. Looking put-together for me is also about that added glow so it's def the 'highlighter life' for me—I cannot leave without it!" - Joanna Mejia

    Courtesy of Joanna Mejia
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  4. The minimal retouch arsenal

    "I have serious cut-to-cut grind daily so I turn into these products to sustain my look from morning business meetings to cocktail brainstorming sessions with minimal retouch. My fave part is always having lippies in three shades: Nude, orange, red." - Ley Laksamana

    Courtesy of Ley Laksamana
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  5. The glow-up goods

    "I don’t usually wear makeup but when I do, I prefer to glow-up, literally. I like to prep my skin with Glossier Futuredew, then use Happy Skin Multi-use Mouse in Color Play, and apply Sunnies Face Lippies or Estee Lauder in Pure Color Envy 340 Envious to my pout." Maureen Manuel

    Courtesy of Maureen Manuel
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  6. The "I slept for a full eight hours" beauty bag

    "Long hours in the office are frequently above average, so I make sure I stick with the basics that do the trick to make me look like I've had a glorious eight hours of sleep. I can never leave without SPF (50+ will do you good), lip and cheek tint to make me look sun-kissed, and powder to seal the deal. Other trusty products I have with me every day are also those that can transform my look from day to night." Cathy de Asis

    Courtesy of Cathy De Asis
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  7. The fresh lang basics

    "Our line of work is usually fast-paced, meaning we're always on the go. With a lot of fieldwork involved, I make sure that I bring with me my essentials to keep my face looking fresh and oil-free. My kit has micellar water, oil-blotting films, and facial tissue. Depending on where we'll be or what mood I'm in, I usually bring different selections of lippies (trusty Maybelline, BLK, MAC, and the newfound Australis), my eyebrow set to keep the brows looking perf, and concealer to keep the eyebags under control." - Nikeia Salazar

    Courtesy of Nikeia Salazar
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*Answers have been edited for clarity.

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