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12 Ways To Pose With Your Drink, According To Lovi Poe

*Casually sips coffee.*
PHOTO: Instagram/lovipoe

Unlike with food, stylishly posing with a drink for the 'gram is not that easy (Hello, there's a possibility you can spill it all over yourself!). Luckily, Lovi Poe is a pro at this! Scroll below and let her teach you how to work your best angles while holding coffee, tea, juice, and wine:

  1. Laugh, laugh, laugh.

    Live your best life, girl!

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  2. Try this blogger- and celeb-approved look!

    Striped polo + coffee = ~super chill~

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  3. Work with the light!

    All those chairs, colorful towels, and people will add unique elements to your photo. We promise!

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  4. Say "yes" to a profile shot at an IG-worthy café. 

    You can easily do this when you're working remotely. *Wink, wink*

  5. Make sure you're front and center.

    That way, it won't matter if other people's drinks are part of the photo! Plus, look at the pretty background.

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  6. Just look up at the sky and close your eyes.

    Easy peasy!

  7. Or cross your legs!

    Be careful when taking a sip of your drink, though! It might be too hot.

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  8. Do the classic head tilt while drinking your iced coffee. 

    The best pose for a BTS shot!

  9. Include a friend or family member in your snap!


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  10. Opt for a white cup if there are a lot of colors going on in your lewk.

    Who knew a disposable cup can look this grammable? 

  11. Match your OOTD to the location!

    The cozy, warm hues of the café complement Lovi's furtastic winter look.

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  12. And if your drink's not in a cup or glass, who cares?

    Buko juice is the beeeeeest!

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