12 Ways To Pose With Your Drink, According To Lovi Poe

*Casually sips coffee.*
PHOTO: Instagram/lovipoe

Unlike with food, stylishly posing with a drink for the 'gram is not that easy (Hello, there's a possibility you can spill it all over yourself!). Luckily, Lovi Poe is a pro at this! Scroll below and let her teach you how to work your best angles while holding coffee, tea, juice, and wine:

  1. Laugh, laugh, laugh.

    Live your best life, girl!

  2. Try this blogger- and celeb-approved look!

    Striped polo + coffee = ~super chill~

  3. Work with the light!

    All those chairs, colorful towels, and people will add unique elements to your photo. We promise!

  4. Say "yes" to a profile shot at an IG-worthy café. 

    You can easily do this when you're working remotely. *Wink, wink*

  5. Make sure you're front and center.

    That way, it won't matter if other people's drinks are part of the photo! Plus, look at the pretty background.

  6. Just look up at the sky and close your eyes.

    Easy peasy!

  7. Or cross your legs!

    Be careful when taking a sip of your drink, though! It might be too hot.

  8. Do the classic head tilt while drinking your iced coffee. 

    The best pose for a BTS shot!

  9. Include a friend or family member in your snap!


  10. Opt for a white cup if there are a lot of colors going on in your lewk.

    Who knew a disposable cup can look this grammable? 

  11. Match your OOTD to the location!

    The cozy, warm hues of the café complement Lovi's furtastic winter look.

  12. And if your drink's not in a cup or glass, who cares?

    Buko juice is the beeeeeest!

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