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These Beauty Swatching Videos Are So ~Relaxing~ To Watch!

No joke, they will soothe and melt your stress away.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/milkmakeup, (RIGHT) Instagram/colourpopcosmetics

One of our favorite ways to relax during a mentally-draining day is by taking short breaks to watch mukbangs or bars of soap being cut. But recently, we can't get enough of another type of satisfying video: beauty swatches! We're not talking about the ones where the product glides over the skin, okay? We're referring to the videos where a beauty product is spread out on a blank surface via a spatula or brush, allowing you to get a closer look at its beautiful ~*texture*~. The usual subjects featured are lipsticksconcealers, and highlighters.

Below, we listed the #oddlysatisfying videos we recommend you watch when you need a break from work (or life):

  1. This glistening, bronze liquid highlighter is just waiting to be slathered on the face!

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  2. There's nothing we love more than seeing our favorite lipstick shades mixed together.

  3. This looks like the cream eyeshadow of our dreams! <3

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  4. Is it weird that these highlighters look delicious? UGH!

  5. Look at that intense color payoff—gorgeous.

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  6. Now we know what those gritty bits in face scrubs look like up close.

  7. This glittery product for the hair and body reminds us of crushed crystals.

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  8. This clip is making all our lip scrubs look extra yum-my!

  9. The pigmentation and consistency of this concealer are amazing.

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  10. Is it wrong that we kinda want to eat this color-caring hair product? It looks like frosting!

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