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We Want Everything From The ColourPop ~*Astrology*~ Collection

Time to collect your sun, moon, and rising sign!
colourpop astrology eyeshadow quads
PHOTO: Instagram/colourpopcosmetics

Hello there! Yup, you read the headline right: ColourPop is back with another collection, and this time, it's astrology-themed and it's dedicated to all 12 zodiac signs. The eyeshadow quads' shades are influenced by the four zodiac elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Read on to know more about their newest drop:


What are the shades of the ColourPop Astrology collection?

Earth signs: Never Taurus Apart (green tones), Like A Virgo (silver tones), and Head Capricorn In Charge (neutrals)

Fire signs: The Bold and The Aries (terracotta tones), Big Leo Energy (orange tones), and Sagittarius In Flight (brown tones)

Air signs: Semi Precious Gemini (yellow tones), Peace Love Libra (pink tones), and Crystal Clear Aquarius (blue tones)

Water signs: Tender Loving Cancer (nude tones), The Secret Life of Scorpio (violet tones), Pisces In The Sky (taupes and shimmers)

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How much are the ColourPop astrology-themed eyeshadow quads?

Each eyeshadow quad retails for $9 (approximately P454.55). Bundles of each zodiac element cost $27 (roughly P1,363.66).

When will the ColourPop Astrology Collection be released?

The collection will be released on August 19, 10 a.m. PST. (That's August 20, 1 a.m. in our time, BTW!)

Where can I buy the ColourPop Astrology Collection?

You may purchase the ColourPop Astrology Collection on their website


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