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PSA: You're Gonna Fall In Love With ColourPop's Powerpuff Girls Makeup Collection

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colourpop x powerpuff girls makeup collection
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Hi, hello! ColourPop has been killing it with their releases lately, but it's their newest one that have us squealing in excitement. They collaborated with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to create a Powerpuff Girls makeup collection that has our Y2K hearts beating fast! Read on to learn more about this exciting beauty collab:


What are the products in the Powerpuff Girls x ColourPop makeup collection?

The collection features 15 (!!!) products:

  • 1 Powerpuff Girls Palette containing 12 shades with a mix of bright mattes and playful metallics - $22 (approx. P1,105.12)
  • 2 new shades of heart-shaped matte blushes - $20 for the set (approx. P1,004.65)
  • 3 metallic new shades of Colour Stix inspired by the trio's enemies in the show: Princess Morbucks, Him, and Mojo Jojo - $17 for the set (approx. P853.95)
  • 3 new shades of Roller Gloss - $24 for the set (approx. P1,205.58)

Aside from beauty products, the collection also has some ~fun~ self-care goodies:

  • 1 SOL Bubble Bath Bar - $9 (approx. P452.09)
  • 2 Fourth Ray Lip Masks - $20 for the set (approx. P1,004.65)
  • 3 sets of hair clips inspired by Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup! - $5 per set (approx. P251.16)

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How much does the Powerpuff Girls x ColourPop makeup collection cost?

While you can choose to buy each product individually, you may also purchase the full set for $115 (roughly P5,776.74).

Where can I buy the Powerpuff Girls x ColourPop makeup collection?

You can purchase the collection directly on ColourPop's website. P.S. They offer free international shipping on orders above $60 (roughly P3,013.95)!


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