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This Easy Trick Will Make Your False Eyelashes Look ~*Natural*~

It makes a HUGE difference.
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Since most of us aren't born with thick, long, and curled eyelashes, we have to pile on the mascara and sometimes apply falsies on top. But we know all fake lashes aren't created equally—the more expensive options usually have better quality. The cheaper ones, well, they look cheap.

We're here to tell you, though, that you may no longer have to keep buying those wallet-emptying pairs, thanks to this viral hack.

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Mexican makeup artist Paloma Garcia uploaded a video demonstrating how she can turn any pair of falsies (Yes, even the really cheap ones) into a luscious and natural-looking set! Here's the trick: Before removing them from their packaging, you need to brush the hairs out with a clean spoolie to create a wispy look. Doing so will make the falsies appear like ~*extensions*~ when you put them on!

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Of course, if you'd rather just buy a pair of good quality AND affordable lashes, here are a few we recommend:

Its super thin band allows it to seamlessly blend into your lashline, making it look ~*real*~.

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Red Cherry Lashes #747S Primrose, P250, BeautyMNL

Once you get the hang of applying this innovative product, you'll never go a day without using it!

Hello Gorgeous Magnet-Oh! Lashes in Natural, P480, Greenhills Shopping Centre

For glamorous nights out, try this wispy lash to add more drama to your peepers!

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NYX Wicked Lashes in Tease, P400, Zalora

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