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Here's How You Can Do The 'Fox Eye' Makeup Look You've Been Seeing Everywhere

It's an instant facelift!
PHOTO: (left) instagram/bellahadid; (right) instagram/kendalljenner

By now, your Instagram and TikTok feeds are probably filled with girls whose makeup looks almost cat-like, with straight brows and elongated eyes—just like the signature makeups styles of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. There are three ways to score this: Through an actual brow lift procedure, shaving off the ends of your arches, or simply via makeup. For a less permanent fix, we're going with the last option.

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One of our go-to beauty gurus, Johnreyslife, actually broke down this look for us in her recent YouTube upload. Keep on scrolling to get schooled:

  1. Create a straight brow shape.

    Johnrey stressed that this is the most important part of the fox eye makeup look. To make a straight brow shape, use a pomade, as it is easier to create a precise line rather than with a pencil. When drawing it on, start in the middle of your kilay and draw a straight line going slightly upwards to create the illusion of a "lifted" brow. After, fill in your arches using your go-to brow product. Then, clean up the line using a concealer to make the edges look sharper.

  2. Conceal your eyelids.

    To create a blank (and dry) canvas for your lids, apply two dots of concealer and blend them out using your fingers. Then, dust a light layer of setting powder so they won't budge.

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  3. Contour your eye.

    Take a brown shadow and draw a line at the end of your eye, as if you're creating the "wing" part of your liner. Then, blend it inwards to "contour" your eye and give the illusion of a more "lifted" and feline-like shape.

  4. Highlight the important areas.

    Using a lighter shade of concealer, highlight your undereye area and the wing you created earlier to further give an illusion that there is a ~pulled~ effect. Set with a translucent powder.

  5. Outline the wing you created.

    Using a liquid liner, outline the wing you created earlier. You don't need to make it thick because you already contoured your eye to look more lifted.

  6. Place everything higher.

    For the finishing touches of your base makeup, apply everything higher than you normally would to further give the illusion of a lifted look. For your contour, go above the natural shadow of your cheekbones and place the product there. For your blush and highlight, place them above your contour.

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Watch Johnrey's tutorial below:


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