Here's How You Can Get Pretty In The Morning Fast

Shave minutes off your morning prep and still look gorgeous!

When getting ready in the morning, we need to maximize every second, so sometimes, we skip makeup application to avoid tardiness. Other times, we prefer to press the snooze button instead of setting aside time for prettifying. But with these speedy beauty hacks, you can look presentable in no time! Scroll down to find out how you can streamline your morning makeup routine.

Start getting pretty in the evening.
To radiate that goddess glow the next morning, be diligent with your skin care regimen. If you’re a busy gal, a potent serum with antioxidants or a hydrating sleeping mask is enough to boost your glow while you sleep at night.

Evaluate the three beauty products you can’t live without.
Narrow down your beauty essentials, say a BB cream, an eyebrow pencil, and a lipstick, so you can figure out your morning makeup game plan.

Use a double-duty product.
Choose a multi-tasking beauty product like a BB Cream that acts as a skin care product, erases blemishes, and works as a sunscreen. 

Focus on either the brows or the lips.
When you’re pressed for time, the easiest way to look made is to swipe on a bold lipstick or polish your brows. A rich lip color can instantly brighten any complexion. On the other hand, a scientific study has revealed that bold brows are vital in social recognition. If you prefer to reinforce your arches, try L’Oreal’s  Brow Artist Genius Kit (P400 at department stores). It comes with a brow powder that seamlessly blends with your brow hairs and a brow wax that acts as a long-lasting base and filler of bald spots.

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