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How To Save And Make The Most Of Your Beauty Buys

After telling us all about scoring the best fashion steals, our Style & Beauty columnist shares tips on how to make our kikay stash budget-friendly, too!

We aren’t called "beauty junkies" for nothing! But as the word "junk" puts it, we find ourselves wasting away countless products we were suckered into buying or ditching a so-called favorite for another "latest" beauty buy. The result: wasting so much money that could’ve gone a long, long way.

However, there has got to be some way to stop the vicious spending cycle! Although it isn't necessary to stop shopping, it wouldn’t hurt to save more to, well…buy more, right?

Not to worry, professional junkies at heart, we, your Cosmo beauty-holics have formulated some proven effective tips to make sure that almost every beauty item you purchase is worth every cent!


One of the tips I shared with Cosmo Make Over Your Life winner, Amie Perez (now an official staff writer, woohoo!), is to buy basic beauty necessities in their largest sizes. Smaller-sized shampoo, deodorant, lotion, hand sanitizer, and the like come out more expensive. Though you seem to have saved when you spent less on a smaller size, you end up spending more due to frequent replacement. Big sizes give you more value for your money. You can always buy a big and small size, then fill up the smaller bottle when it runs out.


You can use lipstick in so many ways--even if you don’t like the shade you wish you never bought!

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  • Dab a little on your cheeks as a cream blush. You may not like it on your lips but your cheeks could be a different story! Shimmer lip shades also serve as highlighters!
  • Mix a matte lipstick with petroleum jelly or lip balm for a moisturizing lip balm/gloss.
  • Neutral shades can serve as cream eye shadow (but apply sparingly to avoid creasing), then set them with powder or eye shadow in the same color for more intensity.


Angelina Jolie and I swear by this! When your hair and scalp feel a bit greasy and need that instant freshening up in between showers, sprinkle a good amount of baby powder! Yes, you read that right! Talc, an ingredient usually found in makeup, helps absorb oil. Why not have it do the same for your hair? Upon sprinkling, feel free to leave it for a minute or so to let it absorb even better, then brush it off thoroughly. You are left with volumized, greaseless hair with added lift from the roots!


You don't need expensive body scrubs or even make the effort to concoct your own at home to get smooth, soft skin. Invigorating types of facial scrubs or peppermint foot scrubs in the market make perfect body exfoliators, too. It’s important to exfoliate at least once a week to help lotion, soap, and other body/facial products penetrate more effectively through fresh skin.

Here’s another product you can use: anti-dandruff shampoo! Since its purpose is to help remove dead skin from the scalp, why not use it as a body wash for the same reason? Even I do this--really.


That’s what friends are for: swapping products! Except for mascara or lip gloss (which are wet products and should not be shared for hygienic reasons), eye shadow, powder, blush, and other beauty products you may not like too much or are not in your shade can still be put to good use by someone else. Schedule a product swap among friends and get a new (well, sort of) kikay stash for free! To sanitize, spray some isopropyl alcohol on the products before use.

There are so many uses for products, if you just use your imagination and be open to experimenting. Don’t be fooled by gorgeous packaging and clever marketing. Do your research by searching online for product reviews before buying products, and decide whether to spend from there. Remember, someone else’s review could save you so much money!

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