These Photos Of Organized AF Beauty Products Will Soothe Your Soul

Aka porn for beauty addicts!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/clariseng, (RIGHT) Instagram/cosmeticdiarytokyo

What does your vanity table look like? Are your beauty products neatly filed, or scattered everywhere? If it's the latter, you can take notes from these beauty-loving girls who shared their organized AF collection. But hey, it's also okay to just drool over their stash if you're fine with your "systematic mess!"

1. Don't you wish you had this extensive makeup collection?

2. Regular beauty buddies can look expensive when placed in a brass basket.

3. When you like it clean and simple:

4. This is solid proof that you don't need to have a lot of products to have a pretty collection.

5. Perfumes displayed on mirrored trays serve as fancy decor.

6. Mugs can act as pretty makeshift brush holders.

7. Cake trays can serve as storage too!

8. When you love foundation so much, you just have to group them all together.

9. Acrylic drawers can make you easily see where everything is placed.

10. OMG. This is so ~*extra*~.

11. Instead of rummaging your stash looking for that *one* shade of lippie, arrange them with the labels showing.

12. Looks like someone got the memo about making skincare a legit investment.

13. Place pharmaceutical-grade skincare against a marble backdrop.

14. Okay, this is a new level of ~porn~.

15. Honestly, this is the type of mess you'd like to see on your dresser.

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