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5 Beauty Trends Mika Dela Cruz Is Always Wearing

Her blush game is goals!
PHOTO: Instagram/mikadlacruz

If there's one makeup look that we can always count on, it's the "fresh lang" one. It only takes about five to 10 minutes, plus you don't need too many products to create it. One celeb we admire when it comes to this certain style is Mika Dela Cruz. A quick scroll through her grid will reveal that she's a huge fan of groomed arches, feathery lashes, and lip and cheek tints. Ahead, we've compiled all the beauty trends the 21-year-old actress has mastered:

  1. Drunk blush

    If there's one thing that's consistent in Mika's beauty look, it's her signature drunk blush. She uses the Pretty Secret Lip & Cheek Soft Glow Tint, and she pats in on her cheeks and on the bridge of her nose to further enhance her doll-like features. (Read our review about her favorite product here!)

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  2. Bangs

    Just like us, Mika joined the craze of getting K-style wispy bangs. After a few months, it grew out into a beautiful curtain fringe that blended in with the rest of her hair.

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  3. "Fresh lang" makeup

    To emphasize her youthful features, Mika likes going for natural and "fresh lang" makeup looks, often using pink and peach tones that go well with her porcelain complexion.

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  4. Tattoos

    Mika has her fair share of tattoos, one of which is dedicated to her late brother Edward

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  5. Eyelash extensions

    Mika, like many other celebs, is a fan of the faux lash life—it does wonders in opening up her chinita eyes! Her preferred salon is Wispy Studio PH and her go-to style is the Kylie J. set.

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