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WATCH: Want Curtain Bangs? Here's How You Can Do It By Yourself

Say yes to a DIY makeover!
PHOTO: (LEFT) YouTube/Brittany Banter, (RIGHT) Instagram/salsalhair

In 2019, Pinays caved in and got a fringe, and we predict that this haircut will still be big in 2020. Ease in to trend with little commitment (ICYDK, bangs are high-maintenance!) by getting curtain bangs. These frame the face and blend with the rest of the hair. They don't need regular trims, and they can be easily "hidden" when you're not in the mood for a fringe.  Lastly, curtain bangs are gorgeous and look good on everyone.

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If salon trips aren't possible anytime soon, maybe you could try cutting curtain bangs yourself! YouTuber Brittany Banter shared a step-by-step tutorial, and she included everything you need to know: From the tools to the proper amount of hair to snip.

Brittany clarified that she just used tools that she already owned. The scissors she worked with were just crafting shears. (We recommend getting a pair of cutting shears that is specially made for trimming bangs.) She also took out a regular comb and hair tie. 

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She started by combing out the tangles and getting the proper amount of hair to snip. In her case, she had grown-out bangs. But, she also showed a technique if you don't have a fringe at all: She took a section of hair in the front and made a triangle shape. She separated the rest of her tresses with a hair tie and began snipping away. 

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Watch the rest of her informative video below:

(Ed's note: Please watch the video many times and equip yourself with the right tools before proceeding.)

How To Cut Curtain Bangs

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