20 Profile Picture Ideas To Try, As Seen On Celebs

It involves lots of natural lighting.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/_gabbigarcia, (RIGHT) Instagram/trinaguytingco via Instagram/bernardokath

Ask your BFF to help you plan and art direct your upcoming profile picture shoots—here are some ideas you can try.

  1. Cross your hands over your chest and look away from the camera.

  2. Let the camera capture your real, candid laugh.

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  3. Match the background.

  4. Take a photo of your photo!

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  5. Who knew that a post-workout selfie can look super pretty?

  6. Look over your shoulder.

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  7. A picture of yourself with your favorite comfort food is the best way to let other people know the ~*real*~ you.

  8. Flowers + natural lighting = a beautiful, effortless portrait!

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  9. The same goes for leaves, too!

  10. ICYDK, shadows add drama to a picture.

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  11. Went abroad? Casually pose with a famous landmark subtly peeking in the background.

  12. How about a PG-13 topless photo?

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  13. Want a sexy photo without showing skin? Capture your smoldering gaze in B/W.

  14. A carnival serves as a great, colorful background! 

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  15. And a bright wall, too!

  16. If we could surf, we would probably post a photo of ourselves riding a wave. It's a milestone that needs to be captured.

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  17. Maximize this opportunity if you're a guest at a wedding: Sit in the corner of the hotel room and have yourself photographed while looking outside the window.

  18. When the grocery is your happy place:

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  19. Flash photography is key when taking a photo in a dark place.

  20. Try taking your OOTD at a busy crossroad.

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