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30 Selfie Poses To Try To Look Cute Or Whateva

Ganda lang!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/iamsofiaandres, (RIGHT) Instagram/mikadlacruz

You know that feeling when you took a selfie and you thought you looked so cute that you had to share it? We do, too! While some haters would say that posting selfies is a GGSS move, we think otherwise—it's your face and there's nothing wrong with loving it. Go ahead and post that selfie, girl!

To help you amp up your selfie game, we have listed down the poses you can try for variety. Also, a reminder: If you felt cute, don't delete later!

  1. The finger heart pose

    Easy but guaranteed to be cute! 

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  2. All about hair

    Let your voluminous locks do the talking. 

  3. The "migraine" pose

    Too tamad to contour? This pose creates an illusion of a slimmer and longer face.

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  4. The classic suplada pose

    Rest your face on your chin and look straight to the camera.

  5. Light and shadow play

    Pose near a window during golden hour.

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  6. Eye for detail

    Zoom in on your eye makeup.

  7. The super excited pose

    Maximize your time waiting for your flight by taking a photo of how you really feel.

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  8. The peace sign

    Make a peace sign photo extra interesting with the help of a colorful top and a matching scrunchie.

  9. Ponytail play

    Hold your ponytail and smize. Bonus points if you wear a bright lipstick. (Tip: Use your phone cam's self-timer to get this shot.)

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  10. Shy girl sunnies

    Feeling shy? Put on your favorite sunglasses.

  11. Makeup-free selfie

    Feel free to take a photo of yourself without makeup on.

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  12. Put your arm up!

    Here's a cool way to show off your arm candy.

  13. With your favorite snack

    Document merienda time. This is way better than just posting a photo of your food.

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  14. Work it!

    Give us your best smize.

  15. The bikini selfie

    Flaunt what you got! Pose in front of a mirror and snap away.

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  16. Shhh...

    Keep people intrigued by this pose. This pose is best used if you're about to reveal something big.

  17. A cute wink

    This is always a winning selfie pose—we promise!

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  18. The BRB glow

    An airplane selfie will motivate you to keep your skin hydrated throughout the whole flight. Plus, this can be your "intro" post to the travel pics you'll be sharing in the coming days.

  19. The "I'm bored but still pretty" pose

    Got a full face of makeup on and you don't want it to go unseen? Take a selfie and upload it, stat!

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  20. Bagong-ligo realness

    A post-shower selfie is the best if you need a "fresh lang" post. Cover your face a bit if you feel conscious being seen without makeup.

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  21. Post sweat sesh selfie

    Celebrate small wins—finishing a fitness activity deserves to be documented.

  22. Heart eye

    The bigger the heart, the better! (Tip: Place your phone on a sturdy surface and set the camera's timer to get this shot.)

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  23. Furry photobomber

    Let your furbaby join the fun!

  24. New tatt post

    Low-key show off your new wrist ink.

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  25. A sexy pout

    Flash your bold lippie with a pout. Put your hand on your hair for a sultry touch.

  26. Bookworm babe

    Here's a cute way to recommend a current read. Bonus: Write a short review on one corner when you upload this on your IG Story.

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  27. Wacky but cute

    Display your makulit side. Look for a small mirror, put on a lipstick, and pose with your cutest pout.

  28. Cool candy

    You don't really need to show your whole face. The more mysterious, the more aesthetically pleasing your selfie would look on your grid.

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  29. The human yummy tongue emoji

    This is an easy peasy pose that anyone can master.

  30. The creative outfit shot

    As you've probably noticed by now, a mirror is essential when taking a photo of yourself. Posing in front of a full-length mirror allows you to capture your OOTD.

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