This Is What Happens When You Wear 100 Sheet Masks All At Once

We definitely won't be trying this.

Do you remember the 100 Layers Challenge? It's just made a bit of an alarming comeback, with Korean beauty brand Soko Glam celebrating hitting 100,000 Instagram followers with a huge stack of sheet masks.

Co-founder of the brand Charlotte Cho agreed to wear 100 layers of sheet masks while others filmed it, in a video that appeared on the Soko Glam Instagram. The caption read: "Soko Glam hit 100k followers on Instagram!!! Co-founder @charlottejcho wanted to celebrate this occasion (in a true K-beauty fashion), by trying on 100 layers of sheet masks!"

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And try, she did. Cho laid back as others placed the sheet masks on her face, and around the 50 mark, she needed a straw to be popped into her mouth so she could breathe. "It's so heavy!" she exclaimed once the full pile of sheet masks had been placed on, one by one. Then came the gross part: the gush of serum as the masks were removed from her face. 

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We would strongly suggest that no one tries this 100 layers challenge at home, and Soko Glam concurs, adding a disclaimer to the caption.

"DISCLAIMER: We do NOT promote or recommend trying on 100 sheet masks at the same time. This video should not be recreatedit was done for fun :) To properly use a sheet mask, take one single sheet mask after cleansing and toning your skin, and apply for the duration your sheet mask instructions suggests. Pat remaining essence into skin until fully absorbed, and discard the sheet mask after use," the brand wrote.

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Yep. We'll just stick to the ONE sheet mask for now, thanks.

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