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8 *Super Sexy* Bikini Line Tattoos That Are Perfect For Beach Lovers

You can easily hide (and show off) these tatts.
bikini line tattoos

Aside from the actual design, the placement of your ink is one of the things you have to think about when getting a tattoo. The wrist, forearm, and ribcage are just some of the most popular options out there. But if you want something ~unusual~, why not go for spots like your bikini line? This tattoo placement is cool and low-keyit's only visible whenever you're wearing a bikini at the beach. As it draws attention to the bikini area, it looks super sexy, too! 

Check out some of the best bikini line tattoos we spotted on IG:

8 Bikini Line Tattoos That Look Super Sexy

  1. Placing a sun-and-wave tattoo on the bikini line just makes sense!

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  2. This slanted rose tattoo goes along perfectly with the bikini line. 

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  3. If you're not a fan of florals, a leaf tattoo is another cute option! 

  4. This snake tattoo is small yet eye-catching.

  5. ICYDK, a butterfly tattoo represents change, hope, and life. 

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  6. If you want something truly personal, you can go for a particular date that means a lot to you. 

  7. Remember to enjoy life.

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  8. How about a *fire* symbol for this sexy part of your body? ;)