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15 Delicate Hand Poke Tattoos To Try If You Want Something Unique

We're screenshotting our faves!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/_tan_tattoo, Instagram/diegobefruit

If you're still deciding on what the design of your first ink will be, the ~minimalist~ approach is always the safest. Not only will it look good anywhere on your body, but it will also hopefully hurt less since they're less intricate than huge pieces!

To make your experience all the more special, there is another method you can choose rather than the typical machine one: The hand poke method. Other than giving your ink a more *distinct* look, it has also been said to hurt less than its more popular counterpart. Interested? Here are some ~delicate~ designs and ideas to get you started:


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  1. The purple ink makes these butterflies look more ~magical~.

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  2. Isn't this minimalist take on Jimin's BT21 character Chimmy the cutest thing ever?

  3. If your chosen design is a name that is close to you, going for the hand poke method will make it all the more special.

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  4. This is perfect for you, plantita.

  5. A reminder to always let yourself be loved.

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  6. Moon designs are a classic, TBH.

  7. Your ink can be as simple as these two colored ring band tatts.

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  8. These ~*trippy*~ flowers are different from the floral designs you usually see!

  9. Why not dedicate your ink to your furry friend?

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  10. An important reminder to yourself.

  11. This custom abstract rainbow is *everything*.

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  12. Make your wave design not-so-basic by asking your tattoo artist to use different colors.

  13. Simple but sweet.

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  14. This cherry outline design looks good enough to eat.

  15. A flowing script always works great for single words.

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