Here's Proof That Big Tattoos Look Gorgeous, Too

Sometimes, bigger is better.

Large tattoos have been overshadowed by tiny, minimalist ink for a few years now. But today, we're changing that by shining the light on sizeable, beautiful tatt designs. If you're ever in the mood for ink that's bigger and bolder, here are 15 ideas! 

Ed's Note: Large tattoos often take longer to get done (like hours) and require constant TLC for a few weeks to ensure it heals properly. Make sure you're ready to commit before getting heading to a tattoo salon.

  1. The ultra-fine lines and soft colors complement the ballerina's graceful stance.

  2. It's amazing how these rose tattoos look like someone just sketched them on her arm.

  3. Want your encouraging quote tattoo to be seen by everyone? Go big.

  4. We love how the artist was able to make this floral tattoo look so delicate and mesmerizing!

  5. Who says bright colors are only for tiny ink?

  6. The light strokes of the tattoo lend a soft touch to this classic-yet-intimidating design.

  7. The detailing makes it look like an actual photograph!

  8. A graphic shape is perfect to get if you're into ~*symbolic*~ tatts.

  9. The thigh is a perfect spot to place a giant tattoo, like this beautiful elephant, because there's so much space to work with.

  10. Snake tattoos don't have to be scary. Adding bright hues and flowers can make them look cute.

  11. Big tattoos can exude a sense of calm and peace, too. ;)

  12. If you ever plan on getting a tatt of your favorite city, take inspo from this ink and have the building skyline colored in different hues.

  13. Is there a bird on that person's arm? Nope, it's just a super realistic-looking tattoo!

  14. Watercolor tattoo lovers will adore this fresh design.

  15. ICYDK, big tattoos don't have to be placed in one area. They can be spread apart like this fruity design.

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