Evening Skincare Under P800: Oily Skin

Clear skin need not mean an empty wallet.

We're always game for budget-friendly finds that are as effective as those with hefty price tags. For today's dose of affordable beauty, we focus on the products that work for oily skin. These products prevent and treat acne, while keeping the complexion looking fresh and glowing—all under P800. 

Pond's White Beauty Mineral Clay Face Cleanser

This cleanser has Moroccan clay that sucks out all impurities from the pores for a clearer complexion. It's also loaded with Vitamin B3+ technology to bring out your skin's glow.

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Price: P194

Where to get: Robinsons Department Store, SM Beauty, Landmark Department Store

Céleteque Acne Solutions Spot Corrector Gel

It has BHA and PHA that unclog pores and remove dead skin. Dab this spot treatment on pimples to have them flat and less red the next day.

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Price: P169

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Where to get: LazadaRobinsons Department Store, SM Beauty, Landmark Department Store

Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Liquid

This toner is guaranteed to treat and prevent pimples while nourishing the skin. It has AHA to brighten your complexion and BHA to clarify and refine the pores.

Price: P75

Where to get: Watsons, Robinsons Department Store, SM Beauty, Landmark Department Store

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Human Nature Pollution Defense Hydrating Emulsion

This lightweight moisturizer has natural ingredients that protect the skin from pollutants and skin-damaging free radicals. Take note: If oily skin is not hydrated properly, the oil-moisture balance will be disturbed. This means the sebaceous glands will go berserk to produce natural hydration, leading to an extra shiny T-zone. 

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Price: P350

Where to get: Robinsons Department Store, SM Beauty, Landmark Department Store

And there you have it. A complete nighttime skincare routine for only P788

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