The Products You Need To Smooth Out Uneven Skin Texture

Acids are your new best friend.

Acne may be number one on our list of ~struggles~, but coming in at a close second is uneven skin texture. It's caused by excess dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin. It can be annoying to deal with, as your base products don't sit well on your face—the tiny bumps still peek through.

That said, we've listed down the products that will help smooth out uneven skin texture. Keep on scrolling to find your next holy grail skincare items:

  1. How to get rid of uneven skin texture: Glycolic Acid Cleanser

    If you want to polish uneven skin texture, cleanse with an acid-based facial wash such as the Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. It will also reduce discoloration and leave your complexion feeling plump and smooth. 

    When to use it: Every other night (daily usage may be too harsh on the face)

    Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, P905, Sephora

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  2. How to get rid of uneven skin texture: Exfoliating toner 

    After your cleanser, use a toner to further rid your complexion of any dirt that the previous step might have missed. The cult-favorite Pixi Glow Tonic is popular for good reason—it will refine your pores and soothe your face. It's also infused with five percent glycolic acid, which gently exfoliates the face, leaving behind smoother and brighter skin!

    When to use it: Every night

    Pixi Glow Tonic, P1,115, Sephora

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  3. How to get rid of uneven skin texture: Exfoliating pads

    Have you noticed the recurring theme? Exfoliating is the way to go to get rid of uneven skin texture. It is often an overlooked step in your routine, but it's actually important. This practice rids your skin of dead skin cells and sebum buildup and smooths out bumps (including whiteheads and blackheads!). If you're not using an exfoliating toner, make sure to add the One Step Original Clear Pads of COSRX to your routine. These act like a mini-facial in a tub—one pad clears out gunk and micro-exfoliates uneven skin texture. 

    When to use it: Once to twice a week

    COSRX One Step Original Clear Pads, P900, Calyxta

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  4. How to get rid of uneven skin texture: Face oil

    Face oils have a bad reputation of being "too heavy and greasy" on the skin and we believe that stigma should end. They actually have a multitude of benefits, one of which is refining the skin's texture over time. This one from Sunday Riley is made for acne-prone skin, so you're assured that its formula won't clog the pores.

    When to use it: Every night

    Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil, P2,400, Sephora

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  5. How to get rid of uneven skin texture: Vitamin C serum

    If you suffer from uneven skin texture, try incorporating a vitamin C serum in your regimen. Not only will it make the bumps disappear, but it will also brighten dark spots, clear up acne, and reduce redness!

    When to use it: Every morning

    Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum, P1,200, BeautyMNL

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  6. How to get rid of uneven skin texture: Sunscreen

    Prolonged sun exposure without proper protection will only worsen dark spots and rough skin texture. Make sure to put on sunscreen at the last step of your morning skincare routine. Be mindful to reapply it every two hours, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors!

    When to use it: Every morning

    Biore UV Watery Essence, P488, Lazada

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