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The Beauty Benefits Of Massaging Ice Cubes All Over Your Face

The answer to your skin woes might just be in your freezer.

We've often heard of supermodels and celebrities trying out cryo facials or plunging their faces in a bowl of icy water. They claim that the cold temperature helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinklessmoothens out their skin, and gives their complexion an overall glow. Is the answer to our beauty problems really just hidden in our freezer this entire time? Does massaging ice cubes on our faces help solve our common skincare concerns? Below, we discuss the benefits of this ~refreshing~ hack:

  1. Soothes breakouts

    Those who praise this hack claim that rubbing an ice-filled handkerchief on the face can help soothe and calm down the redness and inflammation caused by pimples. If you start to incorporate this into your routine, use a clean cloth wrap every time to prevent the spread of bacteria.

  2. Enhances product absorption

    If you want all the skincare products you're putting on your skin actually get in there and do their jobs, massage ice cubes all over your face after applying them. The cold temperature makes the capillaries restrict, which creates a "pulling" effect. 

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  3. Boosts the skin's glow

    To score a radiant-looking complexion, gather a bunch of ice cubes in a handkerchief and rub it all over your face. As your skin begins to feel the coolness, it constricts the blood vessels. Your body then responds by gradually sending an increased flow of warm blood to your face, helping you get that ~rosy~ glow.

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  4. De-puffs tired eyes

    If you were up until dawn watching K-dramas, you're going to wake up with tired, puffy eyes. For a quick fix, fill a hand towel with some ice cubes and gently pat it below your peepers. The cool temperature constricts your blood vessels and reduces inflammation and swelling. You may also take the ~extra~ route by freezing your favorite brew into ice cubes, as caffeine works wonders in soothing the undereye area.

  5. Reduces shine

    If you have oily skin, try massaging ice on your face to minimize the appearance of large pores and control sebum production. This also makes it a great first step before applying makeup. Rubbing ice all over your face will make your complexion feel plumper and more hydrated, so your base products will go on smoother.

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