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Keep Your Feet Pretty And Avoid These Foot Turn-Offs


Men’s lust for beautiful feet goes beyond a potent stare: it's onto some succulent shrimping, a.k.a., toe-sucking, to enhance foreplay and to feed their insatiable feet fetish.

There’s an ongoing debate about why men love to ogle women’s feet. Other than the obvious reflection of a woman’s good personal hygiene, it’s the next best thing to gaze at without getting caught staring at your breasts, your ass, or at you. Meanwhile, women can still use their power of seduction without resorting to racy clothing or improper behavior.

If your man doesn't care for ‘em toes, never underestimate the power of well-groomed feet in bringing men to their knees! As long as you take good care of your footsies, you have nothing to worry about, and you'll look amazing from head to toe. But just in case, here’s a checklist of things to avoid having, as they're certified turnoffs for men.

1. Hated Hammertoe: Hammertoe is a condition, usually stemming from muscle imbalance, where the toe is bent in a claw-like position. The tip of the bent area darkens and forms corns from constant friction with tight, closed shoes. No matter how fabulous your peep-toe pumps are, if you want to avoid getting this, make sure you wear shoes in your proper size.

2. Bad Bunions:
A bunion is a prominent bump on the inside of the foot around the big or small toe joint, which causes toes to overlap. Whether your foot is narrow or wide, bunions call for a wider shoe width, or else the bunion will only get worse.

3. Crazy Corns: Foot corns are your feet's response to pressure and irritation your shoes cause as they rub against your perspired feet. They're usually found at the back of our feet, caused by wearing closed-back and loafer-type shoes, or on the joints of our toes. Prevent corn formations by making sure you get footwear in your proper size or opting for open-back shoe types and strappy styles. Anti-perspirant foot sprays and powders keep sweat at bay.

4. Callus Culprit: Calluses are the thickened, hardened parts on your skin, usually found on the balls of your feet, your heel, or over any bony part of your feet, resulting from skin friction and pressure. Culprits are loose shoes, which let your feet move around awkwardly, or tight shoes and heels! If you’re high-heeled obsessed, make sure to get a regular foot spa to slough off dead skin accumulation and reveal soft skin that your man will enjoy when he gives you a foot rub!

5. This Little Piggy Toe:
Notice when you're wearing strappy sandals: does your pinky toe have the tendency to splay away from the rest and stray outside the shoe perimeter? If it does, make sure the next time you buy a new pair of heels, try walking in them to see if your toes stay in place. Men love flexible women--not toes.

6. The Claw: Hanging on for dear life shouldn’t be the case when your toes reveal their Wolverine powers of clawing onto your shoe edge. This is usually caused by wide toe openings on strappy heels. The straps are meant to hold your toes together to prevent them from sliding forward with heeled shoes. With wider openings, your toes have nothing to strap them down, causing them to separate and clasp onto the shoe with their toes. Prevent this toe-fugly syndrome by buying shoes that are right for your foot width.

7. Be Square Or Beware: Square filed nails are the sexiest, especially with polish, and the most flattering to most foot shapes. The narrower the nails are, the fatter one’s toes appear. Simply take a look at ALL shoe or nail polish ads--they’re all square shaped! Men may love scary movies, but one scary thing they despise are women’s toe nails that are filed to look like Dracula’s fangs!

8. So Long, Toe Nails:
Just because men love long hair doesn't mean it can apply to your toe hair and nails! Coarse, toe hair is never sexy! And long toe nails not only accumulate more dust and cause pain, the length also makes the nails elevate from its bed, due to friction from wearing closed-toe shoes. Unless you wish to look like a cave man, wax (not shave) toe hairs! Then trim or file your nails regularly with a 1-2mm nail growth allowance to make your feet look clean, prim, and healthy.

7. Go Strappy Or Closed?
If you’ve got feet to brag about, show them off with strappy, open-toed shoes. If not, opt for closed stiletto styles. Sexy closed heels cleverly hide unsightly feet (in between nail salon visits) and give the illusion of more toned legs caused by your involuntary butt and leg flexing to balance in heels. They also elongate legs, as stilettos have a slim silhouette. Lastly, closed pointed stilettos give men the impression that a woman is confident, making them want to be sexually submissive. Although closed styles may cause stinky feet, you’ll be surprised how this may turn on some men! Apparently, women’s pheromones mixed with foot perspiration make for a lustful concoction! Hey, don’t kill the messenger!

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