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Soon, Your Tattoos Will Be Linked To Your Smartphone

Science never fails to amaze us.

As a society that loves highlighters and all things illuminated, there is no doubt that everyone will go gaga for light-up tattoos once they become readily available to us. Different from glow-in-the-dark tattoos, this new and innovative form of body art is actually a technological act of genius. You see, the concept of light-up tattoos isn't just to decorate your body; it will actually be directly linked to your phone via a microcontroller, allowing it to notify you, track your movements, and more. According to New Scientist, this is the future of cellphones and tattoos. Awesome, right?

See it for yourself below!

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The best part about light-up tattoos is that they are not permanent. Similar to a press-on, you just take a damp piece of paper and press it onto any part of your body. And if you don't like it, you wouldn't to worry because it will rub off in a few days!

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So, who's excited to decorate themselves with these and look like a robot?

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