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25 Low-Key Tattoo Ideas For You And Your Significant Other

Get ~permanent~ mementos of your love for each other.
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When getting tattooed, we're often advised not to get anything related to your partner in case you break up and you're left with a painful (and permanent) reminder of your relationship. If you and your boo, however, are in it for the ~long run~, let the whole world know by getting lasting mementos of your love for each other. 

Ahead, we've compiled 25 of the cutest, low-key couple tattoos for you and your significant other:

  1. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Subtle Flowing Script

    Immortalize the traditional wedding vows by getting them inked on your fingers as a permanent reminder of your promise to one another.

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  2. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Semicolon Heart

    If you and your boo both support the Project Semicolon, try this matching tatt.

  3. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Roman Numerals Date

    If you guys are big on milestones, get the most important date of your relationship tattooed on your wrists. Whether it be your first date, monthsary, or your wedding anniversary, it's a unique matching ink that doesn't involve wearing each other's names.

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  4. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Harry Potter Fanatics

    If you and your significant other bonded over Harry Potter, get one of the most iconic lines from the book and film franchise tattooed on.

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  5. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Yin And Yang

    If you want to show the world how you ~complement~ one another, get yin and yang tattoos. These serve as reminders that no matter how different you both are, you will always be interconnected.

  6. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Star Wars Iconic Lines

    Immortalize one of the most kilig exchanges in film history by getting it tatted on. 

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  7. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Dedication Script

    Let everyone know how dedicated and loyal you are to each other by getting "her one" and "his only" tattoos. You can use different fonts so you're not ~totally~ matching.

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  8. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Flowing Script Names

    Yes, we know everyone's advice of avoiding getting each other's names tattooed on, but if you're really serious with each other, you definitely won't mind a dainty, intricate ink of your lover's name.

  9. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Hugs And Kisses

    You don't need to *physically* show affection to your S.O. to let them know you love them. 

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  10. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Significant Number

    Getting a tattoo of a significant number in your relationship—whether it's your monthsary, anniversary date, or something as simple as your first kiss—is a low-key way of remembering your ~key moments~.

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  11. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Ring Tattoos

    If you're not one for wedding rings but you still want a memento of your matrimony, why not get matching ring tattoos? They're a lot more permanent! ;)

  12. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

    What more can be said? You guys complete each other. Aww.

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  13. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Sun And Moon

    A sun and moon tattoo is another cool way of showing how opposite you guys are yet you still complement each other.

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  14. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Couples' Initials

    If you don't want your lover's name on your body but you want some form of reminder of them, why not get his initial?

  15. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Avocado Halves

    Sometimes, you don't need to be *too* literal with your love. These tiny, adorable avocado halves speak volumes without going overboard.

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  16. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Long Distance Relationship Tattoos

    If you're in an LDR, these tin can telephone tattoos that connect when you're right beside each other is a perfect way of describing your relationship.

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  17. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Minimalist Ring Tattoos

    If you and your partner are more of the low-key type, these minimalist ring tattoos are perfect.

  18. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Matching Coordinates

    Getting the coordinates of where you first met is super sweet.

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  19. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: LOVE

    Have "LO" tattooed on you and "VE" on your S.O.—it will spell "LOVE" when you put your hands together!

  20. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Lock And Key

    If you're not one for matchy-matchy ink and prefer coordinating ones, get a lock and key tattoo.

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  21. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Fandom Reference

    If you're both a fan of Harry Potter, why not get one of the series' most famous lines tattooed on?

  22. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Sun and Stars

    A simple reminder that you are each other's sun and stars.

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  23. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Line Drawing

    Line drawing tattoos of your faces are a more subtle approach to couples' ink.

  24. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: White Hearts

    Who said tattoos are just limited to black ink? Choose white for a more minimalist and low-key feel.

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  25. Low-Key Couple Tattoo Idea: Pinky Promise

    A ~permanent~ reminder to keep your promises to each other.

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