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15 Cute Animal Tattoo Ideas To *Dedicate* To Your Pets

So adorbs!
cute animal pet tattoo ideas
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/, Instagram/flaviaferreiratattoo

If you want another way to show your love for your pets, why not get a tattoo of them? You can totally customize it to your liking, whether it be a realistic-looking design or a cartoon doodle. You can also opt to have it in classic black ink or in fun colors! Ahead, we listed down 15 of the most adorable designs:

Cutest Animal Tattoo Ideas To Try

  1. Give your dog a cute outfit so you can incorporate some color into your ink.

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  2. Subtle but sweet.

  3. This simple cat outline tattoo is so cute!

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  4. Sometimes, you don't need an intricate design—a cute doodle will do!

  5. We love how this tattoo is shaded to represent the cat's markings.

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  6. This dog tattoo looks so legit!

  7. For something a little more subtle, go for cute little paw prints.

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  8. Add some flowers around your doggo ink to make it extra special!

  9. Combining your pet fish with your zodiac sign's constellation makes for a unique tattoo.

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  10. "The Creation of Adam" painting, but make it you and your furry friend.

  11. This bird tattoo is simple but it makes a statement.

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  12. This pastel-colored rabbit doodle is so adorable!

  13. We're obsessed with this small turtle tattoo.

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  14. How about a tattoo of your kitty's makulit tendencies?

  15. This tattoo of two cats cuddling looks like a drawing!

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