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The Post-Workout Skincare Routine You Need To Do To Prevent Pimples

Please wash your face ASAP!
Post-Workout Skincare Routine

As people continue to remain in their houses to ensure everyone's safety, we have seen a big rise in Pinoys doing at-home workouts. Exercising is a great way to stay fit, plus it serves as an outlet to release feelings of stress and anxiety. And with exercises from Chloe Ting, Emi Wong, Cassey Ho, and many others, you'll surely find a routine meant for your fitness level.

While breaking a sweat has a good effect on your physique and mood, it may leave your complexion at risk for irritation like redness, inflammation, or worse, acne breakouts. The longer your pawis stays on your face and body, the higher the chances of getting pimples. So yes, your A.M. and P.M. routines aren't enough—say hello to a *proper* post-workout skincare regimen. Read more about it below:

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

    Okay, seriously, wash your face as soon as you finish your workout. Sweat and dirt tend to buildup on our skin, especially after a grueling sesh. Be sure to hop in the bathroom immediately, and try an anti-bacterial cleanser to get rid of debris or a cooling one to soothe your complexion.

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    Post-Workout Skincare Routine

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  2. Pat your skin dry.

    Pat (don't rub!) your face dry right after you wash it. Our skin post-workout is usually extra sensitive, so make sure to not aggravate it any further with harsh strokes.

  3. Use toner pads.

    To get a really deep clean, try using toner pads. They are cotton rounds soaked with active ingredients like glycolic or salicylic acid that take off that layer of sweat and grime after a workout. You can also use these on your body to prevent bacne and breakouts in other places.

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    Post-Workout Skincare Routine

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  4. Try a soothing face mist.

    If you're the type to have a beet-red face after a sweaty workout, spritz on a soothing face mist to let your redness subside. It also serves as an instant refresher!

    Post-Workout Skincare Routine
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  5. Slather on some moisturizer.

    After your cleanser, toner, and mist, make sure to moisturize as well. Because your body sweats a lot while working out, it's important to replenish all the lost hydration afterward. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, go for a gel formula. For dry complexions, use a rich cream one.

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