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8 Easy Workouts To Try Without Leaving Your Home

These are quick but effective!
PHOTO: Cosmopolitan Philippines

So much has happened in the past few weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that Luzon is under "enhanced" community quarantine, those who can are working from home. People have been advised to only leave their homes when necessary—as a way to keep the disease from spreading. Still, sudden change is hard, even when we know it's for the good of everybody. There are several ways to cope, but if you're looking for a surefire activity to avoid going stir-crazy indoors and to stay positive, exercise is the way to go. 

Check out some of Cosmo's workout videos to get you moving!

If you haven't ~moved~ in months or years, try stretching first. 

Do you spend all day in front of a laptop? This one will address your kuba problems. 

If you want to burn more fat, here are seven exercises that'll keep your heart rate up.

Not a fan of crunches? No problem! Squeeze your core, and put in the work with these moves. 

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Here are 7 workouts that'll engage your back muscles.

Did you just buy a kettlebell for your at-home gym? 

If you want to mix it up and go for a full-body workout, check this video out:

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Take a break from the chaos with this 10-pose yoga routine. 

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