20 Rainbow-Colored Tattoos To Bring Color To Your Life

Wear it with pride!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/eunyutattoo, (RIGHT) Instagram/playground_tat2

A rainbow tattoo can mean a lot of things. It can be a symbol of pride for the LGBTQIA+ community, or it can simply be a representation of your colorful life. Whatever your reasons may be, these rainbow-colored tatts will surely convince you get inked!

  1. The bright colorful arch will boost your mood every time!

  2. A rainbow gradient is a modern and cool take on the classic rainbow arch.

  3. Minimalist, you say?

  4. Crayons for the artsy girl, perhaps?

  5. Crayon-like swatches work, too.

  6. This one is for paw-rents!

  7. Try a quote that symbolizes your independence. This Latin phrase means: "She flies with her own wings."

  8. Up, up, and away!

  9. Be unique and try a rainbow galaxy.

  10. If you're into music and art, a piano keys tattoo is perfect for you.

  11. Say it with a heart.

  12. A retro video game tattoo is an excellent conversation starter.

  13. If you're into discreet tattoos, try this tiny rainbow.

  14. This pastel rainbow mix is giving us whimsical vibes.

  15. These crayon doodles are too cute!

  16. Express your love to your pupper by having a cartoon version of him inked on your body.

  17. This falling star tatt is delicate and dreamy.

  18. This cutie is a classic design.

  19. This rainbow rain tattoo can be a reminder that there's always something good to look forward to in times of struggle.

  20. Combine your three loves: flowers, constellation, and rainbows!

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