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This Affordable Skincare Line Will Give You The Glowing Complexion Of Your Dreams


Gone are the days when the 10-step skincare routine was the standard. (We applaud you, though, if that kind of system works for you!) Now, we prefer routines that get the job done without the use of excessive products—BTW, the Korean "skip-care" trend is gaining more traction. Less time in the bathroom = more Zzz's in the bedroom!


If you want in on the minimalist skincare trend, you're in luck. Local brand Silka made it easier to get your routine done in just four steps! With papaya being the main ingredient, you'll get a brighter, glowing complexion in no time. Check them out below:

  1. Silka Papaya Foaming Face Wash

    This cleanser effectively removes the dirt and sebum from your face without stripping your skin of its natural oils. It has papaya enzyme, bearberry leaf extract, Vitamin B3, B5, and C that work together to slough off dead cells, even out your complexion, and strengthen its protective barrier.

    Silka Papaya Foaming Face Wash

    Silka Papaya Foaming Face Wash, P112, Official Silka Shopee Store

  2. Silka Papaya Micellar Water

    If you haven't discovered the wonders of micellar water yet, you're truly missing out—it's the best friend of every tamad girl. It's made of micelles, aka tiny molecules of oil suspended in water that removes the dirt and sebum from your face so much easier. This one from Silka works as a cleansing water *and* toner, so it's truly a sulit purchase!

    Silka Papaya Micellar Water

    Silka Papaya Micellar Water, P110, Official Silka Shopee Store

  3. Silka Papaya Day Cream

    To seal in all the good ingredients you slathered on your face, you must have an occlusive moisturizer to top off your A.M. skincare routine. Silka's Day Cream is a multifunctional moisturizer that defends your skin from sun damage while serving as a barrier against external stressors.

    Silka Papaya Day Cream
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    Silka Papaya Day Cream, P185, Official Silka Shopee Store

  4. Silka Papaya Night Cream

    ICYDK, your skin absorbs your products better at night, which is why we apply the more potent ones before sleeping. Silka's Night Cream is packed with a variety of great ingredients such as papaya enzyme for brightening, bearberry leaf extract for minimizing fine lines, and argan oil to restore elasticity. It also contains Vitamin B3, B5, C, and E for boosting collagen production so you can that radiant glow.

    Silka Papaya Night Cream

    Silka Papaya Night Cream, P168, Official Silka Shopee Store


You can purchase Silka's facial care products on their official Shopee and Lazada stores. You may also follow them on Instagram and like their Facebook page to be updated on their announcements and releases.


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